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The Top 5 Music Festivals We Missed in 2020

  • 3 min read

2020… *sigh*... what a year. In case you weren’t already pretty cheesed off at all that we’ve missed this year, we’ve decided to remind you of some of the amazing festivals that you also couldn’t attend. Because, you know, that’s a totally fun and non-depressing idea for a blog article.

Without further ado, here’s 5 UK music festivals that we missed in 2020:


1.Boomtown- the best festival to see random s***

Arguably the best festival for drum and bass, jungle and techno lovers, we definitely missed Boomtown this year. The festival is truly immersive, with the site split into different districts and with hundreds of actors recruited to play the role of inhabitants. Boomtown mostly attracts uni students and roadmen, and the vibe is pretty... full-on. By day you’re discussing joining a vegan commune with a group of dreadlocked Bristol graduates and by night you’re clenching your jaw dancing to hardcore dnb.

2.Wireless- the best festival for hip hop and R&B

The ultimate summer festival in London, Wireless is full of the kind of people you find in the R&B room of your local club. In fact, the festival is exactly like a night in the R&B room of your local club, except the night is a weekend, the room is London’s Finsbury Park, and the acts are actually there. Showcasing the best in R&B, grime and hip hop, Wireless is a cool place to chill with a Koppaberg and smoke a spliff. It earns a spot on the list because A$AP Rocky and Skepta were set to headline this year.

festival music

3.Reading and Leeds- the best festival for pop music

Playing mainstream indie and pop artists like Billie Eilish, Annie Mac and Stefflon Don, Reading and Leeds Fest is best described as a massive GCSE results day party, with the odd sweaty 55-year-old wearing a Metallica t-shirt and complaining about the lack of rock music. Full of 17 year olds with vodka-filled Capri Sun pouches stuffed down their wellies, Leeds Fest nonetheless earns a spot on the list for its friendly atmosphere and for the big names like Drake and the Arctic Monkeys, who were both tipped to headline in 2020. Bummer.

4.Parklife- the best festival in Manchester

An obvious inclusion for the FLYY team (we’re based in Manny), Parklife, like everything in Manchester, doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Think less ‘spiritual awakening in a field’ and more ‘pissed people dancing’. Taking place in June in Heaton Park, Parklife is 50% uni students celebrating finishing exams and 50% locals, who have already pre-prepared the most convincing way to call in sick to work on Monday. Once you’ve got past the intimidating pack of sniffer dogs, Parklife is such a great weekend to spend partying with your mates. One of the (many) things we love about Manchester, Parklife was definitely missed this year.


5. Glastonbury- the best festival to relive your youth

The UK’s biggest and most ridiculous festival. Catering for literally all music tastes and with massive headliners (Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift were set to headline the Pyramid Stage this year), Glastonbury truly manages to bring people of all ages and walks of life together. This year will have been extra-tough for Glasto fans. The most fanatical of festival-goers, they’re probably still wearing their wristband from last summer and couldn’t bring themselves to delete their ‘Glasto’ Whatsapp group either.

 So, there you have it, 5 festivals that absolutely, 100% did NOT go ahead this year. Your favourite not on the list? Don’t worry, you couldn’t attend that one either. 

We say bring on 2021 (and getting absolutely wrecked in tents).Oh, and remember to pack your FLYY inhalers to clear your airways, we know they go through a lot during the festival season.

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