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5 ‘Reverse Resolutions’ We Think You Should Make in 2021

  • 4 min read

It’s that time of the year again, when we think about the changes we would like to make in the year ahead, formulate our resolutions, sincerely commit to follow through for a year, write them on our phone, tell our friends about them... and then give up halfway through Jan. Ahh yes, it is the time to make our New Year's Resolutions. This year, however, you might be struggling to think of some viable ones-
Planned to start going to the gym?  You’re off the hook now, they’re shut.
Resolved to watch less TV? Well there’s nothing else to do again, so that’s also a no go.
Hoped to spend more time with family members? You either can’t get away from them, or you’re unable to see them due to lockdown restrictions- either way, not a good one for the list.

Never fear, back at it again with the most innovative and essential solutions to life’s problems (yes, menthol nasal inhalers are essential), FLYY is giving you exclusive access to the list of  ‘Reverse Resolutions’  that we’ll be trying to keep in 2021. Why ‘Reverse’, you ask? We’ll jolly well tell you why:

Typically, as we all know, resolutions seem to be about depriving yourself of the best things in life (don’t eat chocolate, go on a diet, spend less money, get less drunk). We think though, that if there’s anything 2020 taught us, it's that life is far too short, so we might as well enjoy it while we can. So our 2021 resolutions are the  reverse- they’re about eating the cake, getting messy on a night out, and taking life a little less seriously. 


Reverse Resolution 1: Upgrade Your Drinking Game

If you’re anything like us, your alcohol consumption got quite boring during lockdown, and you pretty much stuck to beer and the odd glass of red. But you’re better than that. Our first resolution is to  drink more interesting beverages. Pour a pina colada, mix up a mojito, swig a sex on the beach-  the only rules are: 1. Two liquid minimum 2. Sliced fruit garnish wherever possible


drink memes

Reverse Resolution 2: Become a Gamer

Buy a PS5, switch on the Wii, download The Sims. You’ll likely never spend this much time in your house ever again, so if you’re spending it watching the news, or some well-regarded Netflix series, you’re really missing an opportunity to get addicted to gaming. Not only is it fun, but many games are multiplayer, and listening to random angry teenagers shouting down a microphone is probably the most interesting social interaction you’ll be getting for some time. Not into the tech? Try a jigsaw, origami, a puzzle, we’re big into spending the last few months of lockdown wasting time in new and more interesting ways.

Reverse Resolution 3: Reinvent yourself, literally

We may have taken inspiration from the Hilaria Baldwin scandal for this one (if you haven’t delved into this ridiculous story yet, this is a solid starting point: But honestly, by the time we’re out of lockdown your friends and colleagues aren’t realllly going to remember who you are, so this might be your once in a lifetime opportunity to create a more exciting identity. Faking an ethnicity may be a smidge too far, but perhaps you’re a distant relative of Kate Middleton, a natural blonde, or you spent your childhood on a bee farm. Spice up your life with some half or empty truths. I, for one, am now scouse.

funny meme mrs iglesias

Reverse Resolution 4: Have a Festive New Year’s Breakup!

Breakup with your job, breakup with your partner, breakup with your clutter. Interpret this one how you will, but we suspect everyone could do with a breakup this year. It can seem scary to walk away from something you’re comfortable with, but you can’t create an amazing future for yourself if you’re still hanging onto a merely acceptable present. So if you find yourself dreaming of quitting your job to go backpacking, or are jealous of all the fun your single friends seem to be having, treat yourself to a breakup! Stability and security will always find their way into your life, but 2021 is the year of going after what you really want. Live your life with no regrets.

Reverse Resolution 5: Be More FLYY

In 2021 we aspire to get dressed at least 3 days a week. The FLYY team will be walking into 2021 wearing our brand new FYY merch head to toe, with a nasal inhaler in each nostril. Just you try and stop us. Why not start your year repping the coolest nasal inhaler brand in town? (Admittedly, the competition is pretty weak in this area.) Plus, if you’re not wanting to divulge your love of the sniff, no one even knows what FLYY means! It’s just a cool looking word that will get people talking. So go on,  WEAR OUR MERCH.


We hope you’ve taken some inspiration from the FLYY list of Reverse Resolutions. Here’s hoping for a fun, fruitful and FLYY 2021!


The FLYY Team