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10 Features of FLYY Nasal Inhalers

  • 3 min read

What the **** is a FLYY nasal inhaler? Why should I stick this up my nose? Do you know that you’ve spelt ‘fly’ wrong?

Very valid questions. Don’t stress, we’re here to give you the rundown on FLYY so that you can get to grips with this totally new way to feel refreshed. 

FLYY is a nasal inhaler with a twist

Whilst most nasal inhalers are designed simply to decongest nasal passages, FLYY does this AND a whole lot more. We’ve carefully selected essential oils and herbal extracts that have been used in aromatherapy for thousands of years and bundled them up into a compact inhaler form, taking the amazing power of aromatherapy and adapting it for everyday use. FLYY provides a surge of cool air that refreshes, clarifies and generally makes you feel great.

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It’s all-natural, baby

FLYY inhalers contain 100% plant-based ingredients. Our formulas are made up entirely of essential oils and herbal extracts that both smell good and do good. No caffeine, no chemicals, and no additives.

It doesn’t get much stronger than this

FLYY inhalers are the strongest on the market, with the highest percentage of natural menthol of any nasal inhaler. Menthol, derived from peppermint oil, is the compound responsible for producing the strong, powerful feeling of freshness for which our inhalers have become known. With its cooling properties, menthol can help you feel more awake and alert and creates a ‘head-clearing’ feeling that many people find helps with headaches.

We’re big fans of eucalyptus

In addition to menthol, each FLYY inhaler also contains eucalyptus oil, a powerful compound that can reduce nasal congestion and improve breathing by relieving spasms in the respiratory tract and reducing the thickness of mucus (yum). Aromatherapy enthusiasts tout eucalyptus oil’s analgesic effects, and maintain it can alleviate aches and pains in the body. Also, fun fact, when applied to skin eucalyptus even acts as an insect repellent! Total multi-tasker really.


We love oranges, too

Our Orange Breeze inhalers also contain sweet orange oil which smells amaaazing. This wonderful, exotic-smelling essential oil is linked to improved mood and reduced anxiety and some even claim that it can reduce inflammation and promote detoxification of the body.

sweet orange

It’s not JUST a nasal inhaler

Each FLYY inhaler stick contains a reservoir component at the bottom. This can be used both to top up the inhaler to preserve its freshness, or as a roll-on to apply the FLYY essential oil blends to the skin (we recommend the temples and pulse points), creating an instantly cooling sensation. 

We’re serious about safety

All of our formulas are dermatologically tested by the prestigious Dermatest dermatology lab and have achieved a rating of “Excellent”, so they’re completely safe for use on the skin.

FLYY is vegan and cruelty free

FLYY essential oil formulas are completely vegan and, of course, we never test any of our products on animals. 

FLYY freshness lasts

FLYY inhalers typically last around 6 weeks (or a month if you get as obsessed as we are and use them non-stop). The reservoir component contains 2ml of oil that can be used to top up the inhaler. To do this, just add a few drops from the reservoir into the top of the inhaler tube, just a tiny bit of liquid flowing in is enough to freshen it up. Then screw the cap back on, shake a little bit, and use again.

There’s a lot more to come!

We’re soon to launch two extremely exciting (and totally top secret) FLYY aromas, and we already know that they’re going to be a hit. In the next few weeks we’ll also be releasing some amazing FLYY merchandise, including FLYY beanies and inflatable inhalers, so any hardcore FLYY fans can get their fix.

Well well well...

There you go, then, a little bit about our FLYY nasal inhalers. We hope we’ve answered all of your burning questions but, if not, do get in touch with us by email at We really want to hear from you!

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