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Why should I meditate? | 5 health benefits of meditation you might not know about

  • 4 min read

You already know how great healthy eating and consistent exercise are, but have you ever considered adding meditation to your self-care process? We think you should! Meditation not only helps you create a quiet and reflective space for times when you need a minute to yourself, it also has much more to offer.

There’s a lot going on in the world these days, which makes it even more important to cultivate healthy habits that will help keep you sane. Still on the fence? Here are five health benefits of meditation that you should know about.

why should i meditate

It helps alleviate stress and anxiety

A 2017 health study estimated that nearly 800 million people worldwide are living with a mental health condition. For a little perspective, that’s one out of every 10 people living with depression, anxiety, or some other mental health condition.

And, while not a mental health condition, it’s important to note that everyone experiences stress at some point, which can lead to tension, burnout, and various other issues. So why make life harder than it needs to be?

Many studies show that meditation enhances mental health by counteracting stress, reducing stress hormones, and regulating emotions. Using meditation to deal with stress can help you become more self-aware, making it easier for you to deal with undesirable emotions and high-pressure situations.

Meditative therapies are a simple way to alleviate stress and mental health conditions as well as negative physical health problems (e.g., substance abuse, dangerous eating habits, and perpetual pain) that often go hand in hand with these mental conditions.

It can help with skin conditions

Believe it or not, meditation isn’t all in your head — at least, its benefits aren’t.

If you deal with something like acne, psoriasis, eczema, or another skin condition, there may be a way to help your skin without resorting to chemicals, creams, or prescriptions. How? Meditation! Recent studies have shown that using meditation for skin problems can have a huge impact not only on the condition of your skin but also on healing rates, leading to improvements across the board.

Additionally, meditation can make your skin look years younger by helping to ease stress and fighting off inflammation that can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and even skin discolouration. The result? Your skin becomes thicker and firmer, slowing down the ageing process and giving you a natural, youthful glow.

It increases your focus and concentration

For many people, meditation is synonymous with focus. The goal of most meditative practices is to let go of thoughts about the past and future and turn your attention to the present. And while this can be difficult, you’d be surprised at the difference it can make in your life.

Some researchers believe that meditation can alter the structure of your brain, thus impacting your ability to learn, focus, and concentrate — something we could probably all use a little help with, given our distraction-rich environments.

Using meditation for focus makes it easier to apply those principles to your daily life. So, when your phone buzzes in the middle of work, your brain will already know what to do. In addition to a stronger attention span, increased focus and concentration can help improve your memory so that you can store important information (like the date for that important meeting, or your new colleague’s name) and limit potential mistakes throughout the day.

It can help fight insomnia

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night and fighting off fatigue and sluggishness throughout the day? If so, you’ll be glad to know that meditation may be able to help you sleep better.

Investing in some before-bedtime meditation can greatly improve the quality of your rest by making it easier for you to fall asleep and increasing the amount of sleep you get. Not only does meditation help you relax before bed by calming your nerves, it can also ensure fewer cycle disruptions and help address common problems such as sleep apnea and night terrors.

The best part? Unlike sleeping pills or other solutions, meditation to sleep better is a completely safe, simple, and affordable technique for all you insomniacs.

Cat sleeping under bedsheet

It can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle

Just like any good self-care habit, daily meditation has the potential to improve your well-being not only now, but also far into the future.

A majority of meditation-related research shows that it can have long-term benefits that will help keep you healthy — and not just mentally.

Whether by cutting the craving to sugary foods or addictive substances, giving your body a rest from stress and chronic pain, or offering an energy or mental boost, meditation can be a great tool to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Put the focus on your health

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