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FLYY is giving you exclusive access to the list of ‘Reverse Resolutions’ that we’ll be trying to keep in 2021. Why ‘Reverse’, you ask? We’ll jolly well tell you why.
Set alarm. Wake up to alarm. Proceed to reset alarm until you have no choice but to wake up as you’re already late for work? FLYY is here to give you best ways to prevent morning grogginess.
2020… *sigh*... what a year. In case you weren’t already pretty cheesed off at all that we’ve missed this year, we’ve decided to remind you of some of the amazing festivals that you also couldn’t attend. Because, you know, that’s a totally fun and non-depressing idea for a blog article. 
It’s important now more than ever to put your physical and mental health first in order to keep the Doctor away this Winter.
What the **** is a FLYY nasal inhaler? Why should I stick this up my nose? Do you know that you’ve spelt ‘fly’ wrong?
We all struggle to stay awake at work from time to time. These 10 natural methods will ward off tiredness and help you to stay alert and focused.
Natural ways to reduce anxiety include breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, reduced caffeine intake, laughter and nasal inhalers with essential oils.
If you need to stay up late to study, ditch the caffeine and try a natural approach instead. These tips will help you to naturally stay awake while studying.
Eating healthy and exercise are great, but it’s time to take your self-care to the next level. Here are five health benefits of meditation that you should know about
Sometimes we just don't have the time to sleep enough and eat well. And our energy just drops. Let's change this !